How To Take Control Of Your Life

We tend to think that what happens to us is out of our control, so we feel sorry for ourselves and often blame other people for our misery. What we don’t realize is that all that self-pity and blame is our choice.

Whatever happens to us in life, it is our choice how we react to it. I chose to pity myself and blame others for my problems. I chose to stay in bed and just wait for it all to magically disappear. Obviously I made everything worse by choosing to react this way.

It didn’t take too long before I realized that if I want to be happy, only I can choose to be happy.

I realized that whatever happened to me, I can choose to react however I wanted. I imagined the person I wanted to be - peaceful and kind - and decided that I will react to every situation with peace and kindness. Read more»

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Guided Meditation: Deep Relaxation

I have always found guided meditations very useful, and to this day, sometimes I still just like to plug a good guided meditation in my ears and enjoy someone else’s soothing voice.

Sadly, I think there are only a few good guided meditations out there for free, so today, I created my own guided meditation!

I used my own meditation experiences to create this guided meditation for all of you to enjoy. My goal was to calm, relax and ease the minds of everyone who listens to it.

I created it with so much love for all of you and I hope you enjoy it!

I plan to create lots more, so subscribe to my channel if you would like to meditate with me! Read more»

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How To See When You Are Blinded By Worries

Our minds like to wonder and oftentimes it’s not easy to recognize that the reality we’re living in is not real, but created by our minds.

Most people don’t live in the now. Because it’s very easy to stay stuck in the past or worry about the future, creating “what if” scenarios that quickly become our reality.

When we are not in the best financial situation and live month to month, losing our home or anything equally horrible can become something that is on our mind a lot - and if something is on our mind a lot, it will become our reality, something that is no longer an event that has a very slight chance of happening in the future, but something real. Even though it is not happening right now and it will probably never happen, we still feel as horrible as we would feel if it was happening right now.

Anxiety is based on this feeling. We fear that something will happen to us - health problems, financial problems, relationship problems, basically anything - that has no reality in the present moment. We fear something, because it has not happened yet. Fear is always of something in the future. Read more»

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