How Your Thoughts Actually Affect Your Life

There is a lot of talk about how our thoughts have a huge impact on our lives. From ancient masters of different religions to modern self-help books - they all tell us that what we think determines our lives.

I’ve been hearing this for many years, and I remember not really understanding what it meant. It seems foolish now that I didn’t understand, but to be honest, no one really explained it all that well. I suppose it should be common knowledge, but I’m sure that it is not so evident to some people, so I’m going to explain as logically as possible how our thoughts affect our lives. Maybe I can spare some people the painful experiences I had to go through.

The first hypothesis I was faced with was the law of attraction type assumption that what you think will happen to you. This is one of the reasons I chose to write this article - there are so many assumptions out there that one can be confused by and just abandon the whole teaching altogether, because it makes us think that none of it makes sense.

This hypothesis states that whatever you think, you bring in your life. In the movie “The Secret” a man is shown who put up a picture on his “dream board” of a house he wanted to live in, and many years later he bought the exact same house without even realizing it. All because he was looking at the picture of the house every single day, imagining it in his mind, and this hypothesis suggests that by doing so, you can manifest anything in your life.

As a person with anxiety, this hypothesis made me very uncomfortable. I was thinking negative thoughts all the time that made me anxious and panic, and the thought that said whatever I think will manifest made me even more anxious. So does that mean that if I think I’ll go crazy I actually will? What a harmful thing to teach people.

It took me a long time to realize why it wasn’t true, and what the “thoughts impact your life” saying actually meant. Needless to say it took me years of painful experiences that I used to learn from later on.

What we think will not manifest in our lives exactly the same way we think. As I like to say, we cannot think life. But how we think does determine the world we see. Confusing, isn’t it? Read more»

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How to Handle Relationship Fights

When you fight with the person you love the most, you probably feel like your whole world is falling apart. And when you can’t seem to reach a conclusion and the fight just gets bigger and bigger and it seems like you will never be able to resolve things, you can feel like you’re going to go insane. Whatever feelings you may feel, fighting with your significant other can be one of the worst things to go through.

We all know those fights when it just goes on for hours and we don’t even know why it started, but it brought up every nasty event from the past. And we just keep piling it on, piling it on until we are out of life for a week.

Can you prevent these fights? Well, sure. If we always have love and kindness in our hearts and actions and have no ego then nothing like this can happen. But is this humanly possible? Probably, for some people, but us mere mortals have to face the consequences of our ego-filled actions.

It’s normal to argue with the person you share your life and your heart with. It’s even normal to go a little insane sometimes. But what we have to learn is how to let go of it afterwards and find our way back to the love in our hearts.

After shouting your lungs out, hurting the other and being hurt yourself, you’re exhausted. You’re tired and you just want things to be “good” again. But what you don’t see then is that you need some “bad” in order to be able to experience the “good”. If everything was always fine, than would you truly be happy? What makes a relationship strong is going through struggles together, facing them together, forgiving each other and forgetting, and remembering the love that you have for each other in your hearts. Read more»

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Let Go of the Future, Be Happy Now

We all want to live the best life we can, since that’s the meaning of life isn’t it? To bring out the best we can out of each moment and live happily.

You want a lot of money? Success? A huge house? Well, I hate to break it to you, but those things won’t bring you happiness. Just think of all those celebrities who are miserable, because in the past they were just like this - wanting money and success - but when they got what they thought would make them happy and still were not happy, they didn’t know where to look anymore and became lost.

You have to realize that all that you have right now, is all you need to have the best life you can live. If you want more, you will waste your present by dreaming of the future and if you never get there you will forever be unhappy, living in a lost fantasy. And if you do get there, you will realize after a short while that money, success or status can’t bring you true happiness - and you will be unhappy.

The present is called present for a reason. We live in the eternal now and that is the only place and time we can be happy. Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Don’t set out goals like “if this will happen than I will be happy”. Your happiness shouldn’t be dependent on something unsure in the future. It should be rooted within you. And it is. There is a part of you that is eternally joyful. You just have to look inside. Take the moment you have and make it perfect.

Learn to live simply and with gratitude - unleash that infinite joy in your heart.

Let go of the past, it is a ghost, it has no hold on you. Let go of the future, it will always be a fantasy in your mind. The only thing that is real is the now. So look around you, take it all in, accept what you have and be happy. You are a living, breathing, beautiful, and perfect creature, enjoy it.

I know life “isn’t perfect”, right? But as they say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. What matters is your eyes. The way you look at the world with them. What you choose to see. Ugliness or beauty? Hate or love? A problem or a chance to grow? It’s your choice.

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