You Are Good Enough

We can all feel awful about ourselves sometimes. Some people have their moments when they feel bad about themselves, but they get over it quickly. But for others, feeling like they’re not good enough can be a persistent darkness that just doesn’t seem to loosen its grasp.

You are good enough. You are wonderful and I love you. I’m not just writing this to make you feel better, I honestly believe that you are an amazing human being. Cry. Let it out. But when there are no more tears left, put your pieces back together and feel the strength inside you. The strength that kept you going, the strength that led you all the way here. And once you put those broken pieces back together, you will reflect so much more light. Because a broken mirror reflects more light than one that has never been broken.

The person you have been ends now. It ends right now. In this moment. The person you don’t like, the person you don’t want to be - it doesn’t exist anymore. In this moment, it became your past. And from this moment on, you can be whatever you want to be.

Forgive yourself. To see your flaws is an amazing human quality. To be sensitive about them and worry that you’re not good enough for other people is angel-like. See yourself as I see you - a wonderful globe of light.

Light shines from your eyes and the pain you went through makes you even more beautiful. Step forward. Let go of your thoughts, you don’t need them, leave them behind. You are who you want to be.

Never let anyone or anything stop your shine. You are good enough. You are more then good. You are amazing.

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It’s Okay to Be Sad

We all have those days when we just don’t feel right. We feel like nothing’s going our way, we’re wasting the day, we’re doing things wrong and we just feel sad. It might be the cause of emotional exhaustion or exhaustion in general caused by stress, but we can have these days without any particular reason.

I’m here today to tell you that it’s okay to feel this way. We’re always told to be happy - “happiness is not a destination, it’s the way” etc. It is great to be happy and we should always work on being happy and appreciative in the present moment. But does happiness exist if sadness doesn’t? No, it doesn’t. We have to be sad sometimes to be able to feel happiness again and appreciate it.

There is nothing wrong with being sad. In fact, by allowing yourself to feel this way and feeling your emotions deeply, you accept your sadness, you embrace it. And that is a wonderful thing, because you embrace something that is part of you. By embracing sadness, you are paving the way for your happiness, your peace.

Always stay in the present moment. And if you are sad, than you are sad. Embrace your broken heart, feel what you need to feel. Never pretend. Never fake a smile. Sadness is just as true and beautiful as joy and we need to feel it sometimes in order to grow.

So feel it out. Sadness isn’t something that should be avoided. It is the emotion of your heart, therefore it cannot be a bad thing. Be sad if you need to be. You are not wasting your day, you are doing everything perfectly.

(via It’s Okay to Be Sad | The Miracle Forest)

(via themiracleforest)